Your Leaders Supporting Chris

Your Leaders Supporting Chris

State Leaders

State Senator Peter MacGregor, 28th District

State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker, 26th District

State Representative Rob VerHeulen, 74th District

State Representative Tommy Brann, 77th District

State Representative Thomas Albert, 86th District

Hank Fuhs, Michigan Republican State Committee Secretary


County Officials

Chris Becker, Kent County Prosecutor

Lisa Posthumus Lyons, Kent County Clerk

Ken Yonker, Kent County Drain Commissioner

Jim Saalfeld, County Commission Chair

Bill Byl, Former Kent County Drain Commissioner

Mandy Bolter, County Commissioner

Emily Post Brieve, County Commissioner

Diane Jones, County Commissioner

Harold Mast, County Commissioner

Stan Ponstein, County Commissioner

Stan Stek, County Commissioner

Shana Shroll, Former County Commissioner

Dick Vander Molen, Former County Commission Chair

Kathy Kuhn, Former County Commission Chair

Marge Byington Potter, Former County Commission Chair

Pat Malone, Former County Commission Chair


Township and City Officials 

Amna Seibold, Mayor - City of East Grand Rapids

John Barbour, Former Commissioner - City of East Grand Rapids

Judy Frey, Former Mayor - City of East Grand Rapids

Rob Beahan, Cascade Township Supervisor

Mike DeVries, Grand Rapids Township Supervisor

George Haga, Ada Township Supervisor

Jerry Hale, Lowell Township Supervisor

Bryan Harrison, Caledonia Township Supervisor

Vas Christopoulos, Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Kevin Moran, Ada Township Treasurer

David Pierangeli, Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Ed Robinette, Grand Rapids Township Clerk

Dave Shaffer, Grand Rapids City Commissioner

David Van Dyke, Grand Rapids Township Treasurer

Lee Van Popering, Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Phil Yeiter, Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Chad Zagel, East Grand Rapids City Commissioner


Chris Afendoulis for State Senate